Jet Black


An absolutely exquisite piece of jewelry, the Pixie is a necklace that combines the beauty of handcrafted genius with the dazzling beauty of SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS studded on it. This flower-shaped necklace is about 3cm(1.2 inc) width and the pure Rhodium plating just adds to the fantastic design and appearance.

The unique sliding mechanism ensures that you can wear this pendant as a choker, a long chain or even as a belt.

The Pixie is perfect for every occasion and comes with an 101.5 cm (40inc) chain, giving you the perfect accessory for that flowing gown as well as those beautifully contoured dresses that wrap around you.
The Pixie comes in Crystal, Fuchsia, Aquamarine, Jet Black and Amethyst and you can even get it with a choker chain, a longer chain or even a belt.
Price: RM 169.00

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