Misty Rose

Brilliant Rose

A snowflake shaped pendant to brighten up those dinner parties, the SNOWFLAKE will truly make you the dazzling star every time! Delicately hand-crafted to perfection, the Winter is studded with exquisite Amethyst, Misty Rose, Brilliant Rose, Aquamarine or Crystal coloured SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS to accentuate your dress.

At 1.8CM x 2.0cm (0.7 x 0.8 inc), the SNOWFLAKE is small enough to be inconspicuous but brilliant enough to garner all the glances. Accompanied with a complimentary rhodium chain necklace, measuring 43cm(17 inc) long, with a chain extension of 5cm(2 inc). A delightful piece for all those lovely informal gatherings, the SNOWFLAKE is one for the keep.
Price: RM 135.00

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